Staffed with AFIP-certified finance and insurance specialists, MetroTech Automotive will keep your F&I department compliant with federal standards, as well as help them maximize profits, using strategic partners such as CNA National, and IAS.

MetroTech offers a full line of aftermarket products, including dealer participation and reinsurance programs. The MetroTech University offers a complete training facility, with a full range of financial and insurance training classes, including AFIP-certification.

MetroTech also offers in-house and off-site training, all featuring programs designed to help drive income and keep your dealership compliant. 

With the squeeze on profits from the sale of new and used cars, F&I products have become an integral part of the profit picture for automotive dealerships around the country.

Staffed with AFIP-Certified finance and insurance specialists, MetroTech Automotive provides F&I expertise, employing daily game sheets, monthly performance reports, and motivating pay plans to help your dealership increase profits.