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As an agent, you will have the support of an established company. MetroTech will also provide you with in-depth, hands-on training on how to best use our products as well as how to implement the best marketing techniques for the products and services. With the training and support given by MetroTech, your customers will know that they can expect a high level of service along with high-quality auto care products.


If you are ready to take your business to the next level we welcome you on board as a MetroTech agent. If you are looking for a partner with global manufacturing, global logistics, and distribution in virtually every country around the world then MetroTech is the fit for you.


MetroTech Automotive is continually seeking dealer-centric agencies who are looking to sell their agency. Our model allows F&I agencies to maintain the integrity of the company that they have built and preserve the talented people within their company that have allowed them to do so. We look to maintain your dealer relationships and continue to build on your agency's success.


If you are interested in taking a confidential look into what your agency may be worth and what a potential acquisition with MetroTech Automotive would look like, please contact us today.

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